It was our privilege to teach at the...

Grace Ambassador Bible church











where a young congregation led by a most capable young man

is making a difference

A graduate of the Dispensational Bible Institute, Justin Johnson has the mind and heart to be a leader of considerable stature

and we commend him and his ministry to you

Sis. Carol and I greatly enjoyed our time in Swayzee Indiana

Please look at the web site
to see for yourself that this is a ministry worthy of your attention and support.

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This is Bro. Bill Hancock...
and it is fair to say, there would be no dbi were it nor for his initiative and faithful
hard work.





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King James Bible-believing
mid-Acts Pauline

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 Dispensational Bible Institute
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01. Introduction To DBI

02. What Is Dispensationalism?

03. Importance Of Dispensationalism

04. History Of Dispensationalism - Part 1

05. History Of Dispensationalism - Part 2

06. History Of Dispensationalism - Part 3

07. Manuscript Evidence - Part 1

08. Manuscript Evidence - Part 2

09. Manuscript Evidence - Part 3

10. 'King James Only' Position

11. 150+ Translations - Part 1

12. 150+ Translations - Part 2

13. Your Library - Part 1

14. Your Library - Part 2

15. How To Study Your Bible Part 1

16. How To Study Your Bible Part2 

17. How To Study Your Bible Part 3

18. How To Study Your Bible Part 4

19. How To Study Your Bible Part 5

20. How To Study Your Bible Part6 

21. How To Study Your Bible Part 7 

22. How To Study Your Bible Part8 

23. Problem Texts - Part 1 

24. Problem Texts - Part 2 

25. Problem Texts - Part 3 

26. Problem Texts - Part 4 

27. How To Teach All Men - Part 1 

28. How To Teach All Men - Part 2 

29. How To Teach All Men - Part 3 

30. How To Teach All Men - Part 4 

31. Calvinism - Part 1 

32. Calvinism - Part 2 

33. Acts 28 Position 

34. Pentacostalism 

35. Charting - Part 1 

36. Charting - Part 2 

37. Ministry Issues - Part 1 

38. Ministry Issues - Part 2 

39. Properly Functioning Church Part 1

40. Properly Functioning Church Part 2

41. Evangelism - Part 1

42. Evangelism - Part 2

43. Evangelism - Part 3

44. Evangelism - Part 4

45. Roman Catholicism 

46. Dispensational Prayer

47. Expansion

48. Edification

49. Difficult Verses

50. Evaluation 

51. Be A Bible Believer - Part 1 

52. Be A Bible Believer - Part 2 

53. Be A Bible Believer - Part 3 

54. Be A Bible Believer - Part 4 

55. Counseling

56. Weddings, Funerals

57. Teaching Children

58. Proficiency Test

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Here are my two messages from the 2013 Bible Seminar held at Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship

God's words are better than our words 12-07-13

God doesn't measure us with our ruler 12-08-13

The 2012 Bible Seminar held at DBI graduate Justin Johnson's Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship.

The Preaching of the cross - Justin Johnson


The Missing Cross - Jeremey Johnson


The Ineffectual cross - Terence D. McLean


The mystery of the cross - Justin Johnson


The offense of the cross Terence D. McLean


The glory of the cross - Justin Johnson




Thanks for the certificate it's so nice! Also thanks for the books, I was planning to order your two newest ones so they were right on time.

On my way to the post office to get your mail I was stopping and witnessing to people who approached me and when I got in line to receive the package an older woman next to me read the word Pastor on the box and asked me if I was a Pastor and asked where was my church. I gave her my number. She said she had questions for me. We talked a bit and she said goodbye and called
me Pastor in parting and that was a strange moment indeed.

I really enjoyed listening to the evaluation CD. You gave me a lot to think about and I found all of your words to be encouraging and motivating.

I meant to mention charting as a way to teach dispensationalism and even made a note to include it but forgot, and even thought about e-mailing you about it. Nothing slips by you I see, lol.

I knew I was sending a lot more than you requested. I was torn between being concise and creating a reference that I could use for many applications in the future.

I'm a lot sharper after having taken the DBI and after handling that large amount of material, I see potential within me that I hadn't before. I'm encouraged to study more and do more.

Before now I never got to hear that Pomp and Circumstance music unless I played it with a band on drums at someone else’s graduation. This was much more meaningful and exhilarating than my graduation from Marine Corp boot camp back in 1973.

I truly thank you for the lessons learned and the experience as well as the opportunity to be counted among any of them who esteem you highly in the Lord as a faithful steward of the mysteries of God.

I will forever feel indebted to you and won't forget to invite you to my first conference, as a matter of fact that's a great motivator for having a conference in the first place.

Pastor Eddie Nelson
Graduate of The Dispensational Bible Institute

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14)