I'm against sin.  I'll kick it as long as I've got a foot and I'll fight it as long as I've got a fist.  I'll butt it as long as I've got a head; I'll bit it as long as I've got a tooth.  And when I'm old and fistless and footless and toothliess, I'll gum it till I go home to glory and sin goes home to perdition.

If you can induce a community to doubt the genuineness and authenticity of the Scriptures; to hesitate, undecided, whether there be any such thing as virtue or vice, whether there be an external state of retribution beyond the grave, or whether there exists any such being as God---you have broken down the barriers of moral virtue and hoisted the floodgates to immorality and crime.

RACIAL PROPHECY refuting the damnable teaching of Richard Jordan and the
Grace School of the Bible.

Understanding what RACIAL PROPHECY entails and why it is wrong.  08.05.09

Understanding that the curse of Ham/Canaan cannot be part of our gracemessage.08.09.09

Marking them which cause division (Pastor Richard Jordan, Grace School Genesis 103-20) & Racial Prophecy

Racial Prophecy, Slavery, Philemon and Onesimus  08.19.09

Racial Prophecy, Slavery, Philemon and Onesimus-2  08.23.09

Race-ism cannot survive grace-ism  08.26.09

Hear how the shameful racist dogma of Racial Prophecy
(Shem the head of all yellow people, in charge of religion, Ham the head of all black people, the physical mechanic, the servant, and Japheth the head of all white people, the one who gets to use what Sham and Ham produce)
as taught by the
Grace School of the Bible.

Grace School of the Bible, Genesis 101-19 with my comments #1

Grace School of the Bible, Genesis 101-19 with my comments #2

How many people have died because of the teachings of Racial Prophecy, from that day to this.

Sister Carol & Pastor Terry enjoy a marvelous tree
at Monticello.

Some of the things learned in my 20+ years of pastoring.
Our purpose for this website is to provide as much as we possibly can from our nearly 30 years of experience to help the next generation of MidActs teachers to make all men see what is the fellowship of  the mystery:

There is no place Carol and I enjoy visiting more than Colonial Williamsburg.

..and if you have never been..

add it to your bucket list...

so that you are sure to go before you "kick the bucket."

On the road again.... preaching with my friends... I can't wait to get back on the road again.



Sister Carol's favorite flower grows in abundance at our home on Hilltop Acres.

Sis. Carol would have us to rejoice


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to the web site of the

Bible Institute
Fifty-eight intensive hours of material are here for your edification, and AT NO COST TO YOU. 
In less than one year you can graduate, be certificated, ordained as appropriate, and get your Mid-Acts Dispensational King James Bible-Believing ministry up and running.  This school is not an end in itself: we are not about collecting tuition or rental fees and we are not going to make it any harder than it needs to be with dozens of pointless quizzes.  We are here to equip you, to answer your questions, to get the material installed in your inner man, and then to evaluate your proficiency.  Once that is accomplished, you will be ready to be the ambassador of God's grace and faithful steward of the mystery as our Lord would have you to be. 

Find your way out of the woods
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Join the DBI graduates who are already
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If you lack broadband internet connectivity we also make the DBI material available for $50 in zip files, $100 on video CD's for your computer and $200 on DVD's.  Under special circumstances we also make DBI dvds available free on our scholarship program.

For Additional Information Please
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The Dispensational Bible Institute stands alone as the bastion of doctrinal purity that you appreciate and should require. 
We are not associated with any other group and we believe you will appreciate that we are not, because:
1. Most of the movement has rejected the King James Bible as being God's words, preserved perfect, without error, and our final authority, which means that in due time, they will cease to be dispensational.
2. A dark cloud of Calvinism still hangs over the movement, particularly up North with Cornelius Stam's followers.
3. Outright heresy, such as Christ without deity attributes, is taught, accepted and parroted.
4. The racist doctrine of Shem-Ham-Japheth and Racial Prophecy is taught by Grace School of the Bible, and racism is present in the movement, particularly in the 'deep south,' where I had a preacher tell me he doesn't like seeing them black ones mix with the white ones. 

5. Luke 16 is being taught as a parable by both novices and notables, and so the march toward liberalism continues.
6. Many of the 'next generation' have already sold out, best exemplified by their holding a conference where "no one is wrong, everyone is right" at a Unity Conference that could have made the Pope their keynote speaker and he would have fit in very nicely.
7. There are liars and deceivers pretending to be mid-Acts who actually believe that while things sort of started with Paul at mid-Acts, Paul does not really start talking to us until after Acts 28. Over-confident and inexperienced people actually think these men are mid-Acts when they most certainly are not. Why these 28-ers have to hide behind calling themselves mid-Acts speaks to their cowardice and deceitfulness, does it not?
8. Works has been added to the plan of salvation by adding confessing with one's mouth in order to be saved. This of course means we have unsaved men in mid-Acts pulpits damning additional souls to hell with 'another gospel.'
9. Paul preaching three different gospels between Acts 9 and Acts 28 is a devious tactic being used to deliver fools and babes to the Acts 28 position.
10. By celebrating holidays mid-Acts churches are disobedient to Christ, are not Pauline in their doctrine, and are guilty of introducing pagan traditions
11. A few are now so messed up they are teaching that the Body of Christ will go through the tribulation, and when you hear how they came to that position, the marvel is that these men are allowed to get anywhere near a mid-Acts pulpit.
12. And now we have a man who ran a mid-Acts assembly for thirty years and a 'big deal' annual conference in Tennessee for decades... and he is now saying that mid-Acts is all wrong, and this fellow seems to be on an anti-mid-Acts crusade guaranteed to confuse even more people.
The Dispensational Bible Institute wants you to know that it has no association with any of the doctrines or groups listed above... and never will.

It has been my challenge to teach on the King James Bible in more than 180 churches, more than 20 radio stations and for more than 30 years.  Most of the preachers who claim to be "King James" are merely pretenders who actually trust the Textus Receptus or the non-existent original manuscripts.  Most of the people in the pew who adhere to the King James don't know why and their believe is more a tradition than heart-felt conviction.  Nearly every mid-Acts ministry pretends to believe the King James Bible but you can only depend on the men who have graduated the King James Bible-believing Dispensational Bible Institute.  We are unashamedly King James Bible-believing mid-Acts Pauline dispensational.  We preach Christ crucified, and that according to the revelation of the mystery.  We preach and teach against Richard Jordan's "ignorant Jesus, and the Grace School of the Bible's racist "Racial Prophecy."  We stand against those who are putting the body of Christ into the Tribulation, those who teach Luke 16 as a parable, and those damnable rascals who try to nail Romans 10:9-10 to the cross and teach salvation by saying words.                        

hear it for yourself!
When Did Christ Learn the Mystery? by PASTOR C. RICHARD JORDAN
Don't blindly follow what people have told you:  study for yourself.
Here is the hurtful heresy introduced into the grace movement
by Pastor C. Richard Jordan of the Shorewood Bible Church
and the Grace School of the Bible.

When Did Christ Learn the Mystery #1

When Did Christ Learn the Mystery #2

When Did Christ Learn the Mystery #3

When Did Christ Learn The Mystery #4

Because you asked: here is a pdf file of every word of Pastor C. Richard Jordan's heretical message about an ignorant Jesus who did not know He was the Son of God until He was 33 years old and He did not know the revelation of the mystery until after He resurrected:

Did Jesus really have none of the
attributes of God in the gospels?

Did Christ not know who he was
until he was 30 years old?
Does Christ not know all things, even now?
Is Jesus Christ inferior, a lesser God, subservient forever?
Were Jesus miracles not of His own doing?
If Christ is not fully God and fully man,
how can he die for us?
did Christ lay aside the free and independent exercise of all His attributes as deity?

How very disgusting it should be to all of us that the teaching of Racial Prophecy that was used to justify slavery is alive and well in the grace movement thanks to the likes of Grace School of the Bible and Richard Jordan.  Martin Luther King Jr. had this to say:
    "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
    "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
    "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."
    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."


You will find the new First Peter lessons on the right side of the ''''Verse-by-Verse" page...

All speak the same thing - 1


All speak the same thing - 2


All speak the same thing - 3



The Modern English Version is said to be TR and KJ based, but is it?


Christ under siege in the Grace Movement

The attacks upon Christ in the Grace Movement - 1

The attacks upon Christ in the Grace Movement - 2
Aug 31, 2014

The attacks upon Christ by Mid-Acts-ers-1

The attacks upon Christ by Mid-Acts-ers-2

Two ladies who said they were artists asked to take this picture because they thought we were quaint and might make a good painting.

Sis. Carol's
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Sis. Carol reads a letter written by a 10 year old reader

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Without belief that the King James Bible is the word of God, the believer has no anchor and will be blown about by every wind of doctrine.

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Sis. Carol speaks to the question of controversy

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned: and avoid them.

As bad as it gets: Pastor Richard Jordan in his own heretical words


for the people in mid-Acts pews

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Paul says time and again "I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren.


How much is in you???
Ro. 1:15


How our life in Christ is intended to function




There are only two religions on planet Earth

There are only two churches on planet Earth

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Learning to enjoy those old archaic words in our King James Bibles  


Sis. Carol points out Christ knew He was the 'I AM" proving Pastor Jordan is wrong that Christ did not know who He was until the Father told Christ at age 30.